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Indiranagar On a budget

Indiranagar is a vibrant yet quaint East Bangalore neighbourhood. It is a bustling part of town filled with innumerable places to eat and drink. If you are a foodie, take a stroll down 100ft Road and you will discover that every other building houses a cafe, pub or a restaurant. Mexcian, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian or even South Indian, North Indian – whatever you crave, you will find it. The real question is how do you enjoy the best of Indiranagar On a budget?

Creating memories does not always mean shelling out money, sometimes long walks and ice candy might bring you the most joy. Whether you are with a friend or a significant other, long walks and deep conversations will always be treasured.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you are from, planning something fun does not require a lot of money. Indulging in good food and a nice conversation is all it takes to have a wonderful time with your friend or significant other.

Planning on a budget is hard in a place like Indiranagar. Here is one of our versions of a fun lunch in Indiranagar, to help you!

The Cheese and The Appetizer:

 We started off with a starter at The J, which is a fries and milkshake cafe. The J has a collection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fries which is loaded with cheese. Vegetarian fries are priced at 90 to 160 rupees and the non-vegetarian fries are priced at 160 to 180 rupees. And for all the Jain folk, you are in luck; The J offers Jain nachos and fries! The milkshakes and cake shakes are priced at 60 to 160. They even have an option of making your own combination. They have 15 types of sauces which will just blow your mind! Don’t underestimate the size of the servings, the fries are loaded with cheese and sauces, which is bound to fill your tummy.

Twenty Flavours - The J

For all the non-veg lovers, the most recommended Fries is called the ‘J in the Jungle’ which is fries loaded with shredded chicken and topped off with Jalapeno cheese and Chili Garlic sauce. ‘J in the Jungle’ is priced at Rupees 160  Personally, I would recommend the  ‘Thai sweet Chili Chicken Fries’ which comes with chicken popcorn, Chili sauce, Spring onions, Chat masala and Chili Flakes.

The best part of The J experience is that the menu pricing is inclusive of tax, so you don’t have to pull out your phones and calculate tax before ordering.

Ambience: The J can be easily spotted on the 100Ft road. The decor mostly consists of simple black and white tiles, a grey brick-lined wall and a dash of pink to make the whole place brighter. They have one table which divides the room into a half, and a set of tables attached to the walls. They have high stools to sit on and the tables have little cup holders where your fries and beverages can be placed. Above the tables, hanging from the ceiling are the beautiful lights which add a certain vibe to the place.

The J is definitely one of the must-visit places in Indiranagar, especially when you are trying to make things work on a budget.

Budget entrée:

After all that cheese, we needed to walk off the heavy starter. We made our way to our main course at Pot-O-Noodles, which serves Chinese, Asian and Japanese cuisine. They serve really nice Kung Pao Chicken at a reasonable price. They are known for their Hakka noodles, Teriyaki Chicken and Ramen.

Pot-O-Noodles is just around the corner from Sony showroom. This should be one of the best places if you want to eat some authentic ramen Noodles.

The Ramen that is served here is top notch and is priced at 245 to 295. If you are a spice lover, you will definitely come back for their chilli Ramen. Each and every plate served at this place has such distinct flavours. They even have healthy options like whole wheat noodles and rice noodles. Along with the food they have the standard set of cool drinks to wash down your food nothing too special about the beverages at this place.

AmbiencePot-o-Noodles is a tiny place located in an alley, the decor is minimal with a few wooden tables and benches. The place is not usually crowded so you will be able to have a nice conversation with your meal.

Desserts? Yes, please!

Now its time for my most favourite part of the meal, DESSERT! We headed down to ‘Mama Mia!’

budget friendly desserts-twenty flavoursMama Mia has always been my personal favourite dessert parlours in Indiranagar. They have relocated, redesigned and also introduced new flavours of ice cream including the famous black ice cream also known as charcoal ice cream.

The charcoal icecream is called ‘Stardust vanilla’ which is a grainy scoop of ice cream with a strong vanilla essence. Mama Mia also offers black cones to complement your black ice cream. They even offer black milkshake and these Black desserts will blow up your Instagram in seconds!

Activated charcoal helps prevent Hangovers and cure gastric issues; healthy ice cream? I like the sound of that! Mama Mia is one of those places that has something for everyone. They even have a sugarfree Dark Chocolate ice cream which tastes just as heavenly as the ice creams made with tons of sugar.

Mama Mia houses a wide range of gelato floats, milkshakes and sundaes. They are also known for their Hot chocolate, cheesecakes and fries! The milkshakes come in a cute glass bottle just like the ones we buy from Keventers and Frozen Bottle. I don’t even know what I will use these glass bottles for but I keep collecting them anyway! Scoops of ice cream cost about 69 rupees while the milkshakes are priced at 200 rupees. Most of the Ice creams at Mama Mia are low in fat; Talk about all the healthy decisions we are making!


The hot chocolate costs 150 rupees, which seems like a really small price to pay for happiness. Mama Mia lets you pick how you want your hot chocolate made, from picking the style to the type of smoke infusion you would like. The customization doesn’t end here they also let you make your own fries! Allowing you to choose any combination of your fries, styles and dips!

Eating dessert is purely about enjoying eating. Everyone who said ‘Dessert does not claim health benefits’ clearly has never been to Mama Mia. With Mama Mia, you don’t have to wait for birthdays to eat some fancy dessert. Satisfy all your dessert Cravings On a Budget and enjoy every bit of it with no regrets.

Ambience: Mama Mia! has a cosy ambience with a beautiful white stone wall kind of decor. They have two private tables, a number of tables at the counter and beautiful lights all over. Indulge in your dessert cravings with Mama mia, which will give you the feeling of a Fancy restaurant but will fit into your budget without any trouble.

Final verdict:

This three-course meal of ours filled us to a point that we could not move and that’s precisely how a good day must end! Our three-course meal lunch in Indiranagar for two cost us one thousand and fifty rupees only. Quite a lot for just a little over thousand bucks.


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