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Octo-beer at a Brewery

I think we all can agree that sunset views are the best kind of views. Vapour is one such open terrace restaurant and microbrewery with a beautiful view complete with antique like lights which gives a soft lighting to the whole place at night. Vapour is situated on the 100ft road on Indiranagar. This is one of the best restaurants if you are planning a romantic meal in the sunset. Sunset and drinks never fail to impress anyone. Although if you are looking for something more quitter this is definitely not the place for you. Vapour is currently the most happening spot in Indiranagar, which excels as a brewery and is also best known for its overall vibe.

Vapour has always been my favourite pub to hang out at, whether it’s afternoon or evening this place never fails to please you. Primarily known for its fresh brews, Vapour has an upper hand at budget-friendly brews and eateries. A warm and windy evening with some nice chilled beer and food to go with it is all the chill a fellow Bangalorean needs after a busy week of hustling and keeping up with the busy city life. This brewery is the perfect place for college folk who want fancy yet inexpensive places to chill with their buddies.


Vapour is one of the few places where you don’t need to be a beer lover to enjoy the brewery. As a brewery, Vapour has a range of Brews for everyone. Vapour houses a range of fresh brews namely Vapour basmati, Vapour premium, Vapour dark, Vapour wheat, Vapour ale, Vapour Blonde.

Getting into the details of each of their brews. Vapour as a brewery brews a really versatile collection of brews that will please anyone.twenty flavours


Ockto-beer at a brewery -twenty flavours

Vapour wheat is a light fresh brew. It is the perfect brew to drink while catching

up with friends and colleagues.

Vapour basmati is not too bitter. It has a very low alcohol content making it perfect for a light refreshment.

Vapour dark is more concentrated and dark, It is not coffee based and has a strong brewed taste to it.

Vapour blonde is bitter and dark and suitable for the ones that love beer.

Vapour ale is also a bitter and is also not coffee based.

They offer sample flavours where you can pick up a few flavours and taste test them and pick whichever one you like before making a final decision on which drink you should get.

There is one drink which is not mentioned on the menu and that is the Apple Cider. This brew is supposed to be the sweetest brew of Vapour and one of my personal favourites.


One of the most unique features of Vapour that I really love is that they have beer-based cocktails. The Vapour Kula is one of my favourites Cocktail which is dark beer infused with a shot of old monk, brandy and orange juice. Vapour houses classic cocktails like long island iced tea, mai tai, sangria, mojito, black Russian, pina colada and a bloody mary. These cocktails are priced at Rs.295 to Rs.475.

twenty flavoursVapour also has daiquiris in orange, pineapple, strawberry and peach flavours and are priced at Rs.345 each. They also have margaritas in lichi, kiwi, strawberry and chilli flavours and they are all priced at Rs.395. Vapour also houses Frozen daiquiris and margaritas which are priced at Rs.375 to Rs.425.

Along with the fantastic brews, this brewery also houses a range of mocktails. They serve classic mocktails with their own special twist. I personally like the blue sea which is a blend of blue curacao, lemon juice and lemonade. The blue sea is a beautiful blue drink which is just like the deep blue sea. Another one of my favourites is the Virgin mojito, which is a classic sweet and sour fizzy lemonade topped with fresh mint leaves and lemon chunks. These mocktails are very refreshing and perfect for a warm summer evening. All the mocktails at Vapour are priced at Rs.195.

twenty falvours -brewery shots

This brewery houses classic shooters like Kamikaze and Jager Bomb with prices starting at Rs.275. They also have really interesting shooters called the Flaming Lamborghini and the Brain Haemorrhage, both having a dash of Baileys in them.

One of the main reasons I like Vapour is for their Happy hours. Most pubs and breweries usually have happy hours from Monday to Thursday but not Vapour. This restaurant pub has happy hours from Monday to Saturday which makes it possible for even the working folk to take full advantage of Happy hours. Their Happy Hours offer is valid on all their fresh brews 330 ML at Rs.99 and 500 ML at Rs.149.

Brewed Meals:

Along with its craft beers, Vapour also has a delicious collection of food. All the brewed drinks compliment every dish perfectly. A perfect meal always starts out with nicely laid out finger food.


Vapour has a beautiful range of Starters and for vegetarians, the starters here will blow your minds! The ‘Vapour Brewery Vapour- Basketbasket‘ is the most ordered starter. The Vapour basket consists of a load of french fries topped off with a few mozzarella fingers, cheese onion rings and potato wedges, which comes along with a dipping sauce of a mildly spicy mayonnaise sauce. It is not disappointing in both the quality and quantity of the fries. More options for vegetarians include the baked potato wedges and chilly potato which is basically crispy potatoes tossed in chilly sauce. Another delicious dish that comes to mind while talking about the vegetarians at Vapour is the mushroom duplex; which is crumb fried mushroom caps with cheese, bell pepper and peppercorn.

twenty flavours-octobeer at a breweryFor all the non-vegetarians, starters mostly include dishes made of meat and seafood. Most of their non-vegetarian appetizers are dipped in different sauces making it all the more appetizing. Notable appetizers include magic wings, which is a plate of 10  grilled chicken wings dipped in Vapours secret signature sauce! The magic wings are not too spicy nor too sweet, ist just the perfect blend that makes you want to lick the sauce off the plate and your fingertips. Another notable appetizer is the BBQ stuffed chicken, which is a Vapour delicacy dipped in the chef’s special BBQ sauce. I think I speak for all the non-vegetarians out there when I say that the perfect appetizer is never complete without some kebabs. To satisfy the need for kebabs, vapour brings to you a delicious Mutton Galauti Kebab.

Main course:

One of the features of Vapour that brings people more closer to each other is that Vapour ends all Vegetarian and non-vegetarian fights.  As a person that has a mixed group of friends, the fights for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food never ends. These fights usually start off with the non-vegetarians grabbing both vegetarian foods and then eating the non-vegetarian food all by themselves, leaving the vegetarians hungry. Generally, the vegetarian options in Pubs are peanut Masala, Nachos and fries. With the help of the diverse Vegetarian options, there is never a problem.

One of my favourite meals at Vapour is the cheesy pasta, which is penne loaded with cheesy cream sauce. All the pasta can be made to either vegetarian or non-vegetarian, so you will never feel like you are missing out on the taste! The cheesy pasta comes with a side of garlic bread which is a mildly toasted crispy bread that goes perfectly the creamy sauce. Personally, I like to pair this pasta with Vapour wheat.twenty Flavours- vapour brewery

Vapour at Indiranagar also has an authentic North Indian and Mughlai cuisine called “The Kebab room”. Kebab room is a family restaurant which along with brilliant kebab’s serves craft beers brewed at Vapour. One of the most attractions of Kebab room is their buffet menu. Indiranagar has no shortage of buffet places, each and every place generally has a standard list of items on its buffet menu. Kebab


Vapour takes up the entire building including Kebab Room which is on the first floor of the building. The second and third floor of this building is part of the pub, the second floor has a huge stage which is used to host events, this floor also has a dance floor. The third floor has an indoor restaurant. The fourth floor is the Vapour terrace. Each floor has something different to offer.

There are different types of seating depending on the type of group you come with. On the terrace part of the restaurant, they have high tables and chairs that overlook the view and personally its the perfect spot for catching up with a friend or having a beautiful brunch and drinks with a bestie. They also have a simple table and chair for four which takes up most of the middle section of the terrace. For larger groups, they have a large table in the middle enclosed by huge comfortable couches which can easily fit up to 8-10 people that is perfect for a small party. Similar to the Outdoor seating, the Indoor seating has a set of high chairs, couches and some simple chairs with rustic decor. The setup is similar but the entire look differs with each floor.

Coming to the overall ambience of the place, no matter what time you go, Vapour carries of a nice, laid-back, relaxed and calm vibe. It caters to every kind of vibe you are looking for, if you wish to have a peaceful and light conversation, I would suggest you go during lunch. If you want to headbang to some rock music, then I would suggest visiting this place around late evening. Weekends at Vapour are usually packed and does become hard to move around. Despite the crowd, it is still a great place to spend some time here. The energy of the crowd during the weekends at Vapour is truly remarkable.


Things you should look for with vapour are their seasonal drinks and also the events that are held at Vapour. They also screen live matches on the terrace, this makes it the perfect place to enjoy a beer on a cool breezy evening while watching the game with a group of friends.

Currently, Vapour has two outlets in Bangalore one at 100ft road Indiranagar and the other one at Sarjapur road.

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